Category : sake brewery and tasting

Duration : 3 hours   1:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Day : Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday

Included : English guide / Taste sake over 9 types in this tour / Entrance fee of the sake museum

Not included : Additional sake tasting / 18 set menu sake tasting at the last place



Welcome to our sake tasting experience in Kyoto. Fushimi area is famous not only Fushimi Inari but also for sake production. Kyoto stands 2nd in sake production in Japan. Kyoto’s sake is considered sweet sake because of its soft and mellow water.

We’ll explore at least two of our favorite breweries. We’re passionate about sake, and we’d like to share with you the process of sake making, comparing different kinds and brands. You will taste the differences between sakes—the highest quality, unfiltered, unpasteurized, and many other seasonable sakes.

We’ll visit breweries, founded almost 400 years ago. You will get to know the production method, while getting a feel for the deliciousness by tasting freshly made sake. We can also taste some sake in the beautiful garden! Try only local unpasteurized sake and a traditional wooden flavored sake.

Finally, we’ll visit a food court where that will have all of Fushimi’s sake available to taste. If you have an extra budget of around 2,300 yen, you can taste up to 18 varieties from Fushimi area at the one place! It’s a hidden gem in this area. We’ll help to find your favorite type of sake!



1:30 pm
Meet up in front of the ticket gate of Momoyama Goryoumae station on Kintetsu line. (桃山御陵前駅、近鉄線)
*Google map below

1:45 pm
1st stop; local shrine

starting this tour, we’ll visit landmark local shrine in fushimi area. Pray your happiness, health, success and more.  Ancient people found water is pure, heal illness, then ancient imperial named “Gokounomiya” in 6 century. Nowadays, once a year, there is a famous tea ceremony in this shrine.

2:00 pm
2nd stop; smallest local brewery
*On Wednesday might be the other brewery.

At this local brewery, they offer over many varieties of sake coming from small batch. You can pick 1 sake from 3 different sakes such as refreshing sake, cloudy sake, and high quality – fragrant sake.

2:30 pm
3rd stop; liquor shop

The liquor shop run by 4th generations over 100 years. They are very passionate about sake. Let’s compare 3 grade sake, 1st grade Daiginjo to 3rd grade Junmai. If you are lucky, the owner asks you to try not for sale’s sake!

3:00 pm
4th stop; biggest brewery 

Established 1637 in Fushimi, the first brewery is ranked second biggest brewery in Japan. Harmony and innovation, these are the mottos in this brewery. They experiment with new types of sake every year. We’ll tour a sake brewery that has a museum and offers a small souvenir; a 180ml bottle of sweet sake.

4:00 pm
5th stop; fancy food court

It’s a hidden gem, even to locals. Sake bars from all of Fushimi and 8 restaurants work together in this establishment. Sit down at the bar and simply enjoy your choice of food being delivered straight to you from the restaurants. Optionally, there is a tasting set menu 18 types of sake (The set is not included, you need to pay an extra fee around 2,300 yen). You can also choose different foods to eat along with the sake tasting.


What you can expect in this tour

I welcome you to join my sake tasting experience in Kyoto, where we’ll explore at least two of my favorite breweries, sake shop, and a local bar. This area is famous for producing excellent sake, in part due to the fact that they use “Fushimi”, a sort of precious holy water, to create their elixirs.

We are passionate about sake, and we’d like to share with you the process of its fabrication, comparing different kinds and what makes Kyoto’s sake so special.

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Additional information

Please note that transportation costs and lunch are not included.
I recommend that you wear comfortable shoes, as there is a bit of (easy) walking involved.

The legal drinking age in Japan is 20 years of age. Parents traveling with their children are, however, welcome to bring them along free of charge. The children will not be permitted to drink alcohol. Please prepare the entrance fee of sake museum ¥400 per children.

If you would also like to bring back souvenirs to your loved ones, we recommend that you bring along a backpack.

Cancellation Policy

One week before the cancellation fee is 90%.
Three days before the cancellation fee is 50%.
The day before the tour, we can not refund.

We will try our best to reschedule the date!

Meeting point

In front of the ticket gate of Momoyama Goryoumae station on Kintetsu line.
It takes 15 minutes by train from Kyoto station on Kintetsu line.

[From Kyoto Kintetsu] Kyoto Station (Kintetsu Line) ⇒ Momoyama Goryoumae Station. (Kintetsu Line) (10-13 minutes)

[From Umeda] Osaka Station (JR Line) ⇒ Kyoto station (JR Line) ⇒ Transfer to Kintetsu Line ⇒ Kyoto Station (Kintetsu Line) ⇒ Momoyama Goryoumae Station (Kintetsu Line) (59 minutes)

[From Namba] Namba station (Midosuji Line)⇒ Yodoyabashi station (Midosuji Line) ⇒ Transfer to Keihan Express Line ⇒ Yodoyabashi Station (Keihan Line) ⇒ Chushojima station (Keihan Line) ⇒ Transfer to local train ⇒ Chushojima station (Keihan Line) ⇒ Fushimi-Momoyama (Keihan Line) ⇒ Walk to Momoyama Goryomae station (Kintetsu Line) (1h 15 hour)

(JPN) 桃山御陵前駅(近鉄線)改札前に集合