Pairing Dinner of Authentic Thai Cuisine with Selected Sake by International Sake Tasters! Kampai Sake Tours, operated by Keieimachi Co., Ltd. co-hosted a one-day sake and Thai food marriage event with the Centara Grand Hotel Osaka on February 23.


In July 2023, “Centara Grand Hotel Osaka,” the top-class hotel of “Centara Hotels & Resorts” by Central Group, the largest conglomerate in Thailand, opened. Centara Hotels & Resorts operates 93 hotels on the Asian continent, with Thailand at the top of the list, and boasts outstanding name recognition and popularity in the country.
As part of the hotel’s concept of “fusion of Thai and Japanese beauty and culture,” a collaboration event was held between “Suan Bua,” an authentic Thai cuisine by Thai chef Sompong Asaset, and “Kampai Sake Tours,” where guides who truly love Japanese sake from Fushimi, Nada, entertain visitors to Japan. The event was held in collaboration with “Kampai Sake Tours,” a guide who loves Japanese sake and entertains visitors to Japan.
In a space filled with natural light, the event was held in a luxurious resort-like setting where visitors could forget about the hustle and bustle of the big city.

<Event Outline>
Date & Time: February 23 (Fri., holiday) Doors open at 17:30 / Banquet begins at 18:00
Place: Orchid Ballroom, 3F, Centara Grand Hotel Osaka
Price: 18,000 yen per person (including food, beverage, tax and service charge)



<Sake List>
Kenbishi Ruisho
(Made from Yamadanishiki produced in Hyogo Prefecture, this sake is a blend of carefully selected old sake that has been aged slowly over a long period of at least five years. It has a rich aroma and sweetness that harmonize gorgeously.)

Kiku-Masamune Hyakumoku Alt.3
(A blend of several original sake, blended by a skilled blender, that has a deep taste with multiple layers of sweetness, bitterness, freshness and roundness with a gorgeous appearance.)

Izumi Shuzo Senzuke Special Junmai White Koji Unfiltered Nama Sake
(By using white koji as part of the koji, the acidity produced by the white koji gives it a moderate sweetness in the mouth, and the citric acidity gives it a refreshing, sweet and sour taste that makes it easy to drink.)

Shushinkan Fukuju Junmai Ginjo
(This junmai ginjo is made from 60% polished rice (mainly Yamadanishiki) and brewed with Miyamizu, one of the 100 best waters in Japan, for a gentle and elegant aroma and a full flavor. It is served at official Nobel Prize events and is loved around the world.)

Koyama Honke Sake Brewery ito
A special sake aged in sherry casks that expresses the world of Japanese tradition and craftsmanship. The original sake, which has been cultivated through the history of sake brewing, has been aged in casks for many years. By blending the unique sake from different casks, this product is characterized by a gorgeous aroma and a deep, harmonious flavor.

Hakutsuru Shuzo Komeno Omoi
Sparkling sake with a gentle taste derived from rice
Slightly sweet with a fruity aroma and light at 8% alcohol.
It is a sparkling sake based on junmai-shu, which is brewed only with rice and rice malt.

<Thai Cuisine List>
Tomangkung (Deep-fried shrimp cakes)
Som Tam Song Phu Nim Grob (Spicy Papaya and Carrot Salad with Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab)
Tom Yam Khung Nang(Spicy River prawns soup with herbs)
Pramguk Kua Plik Grua (Stir-fried spawning squid with garlic chili and salt)
(Chu Chee Rock Lobster) Stir fried rock lobster with red curry
Khao Nia Umamuan Aichim Kati (mango and sticky rice with coconut ice cream)