Looking for student internship

April 22, 2018 8:05 P Published by

【We are looking for a student internship! 】
Our English For Osaka will start accepting internships for college students in the Kansai area.

Since it is my first attempt, I will conduct hearings while working on and improve it.
First of all I have experienced a free internship (about two weeks), after that I am thinking in two stages to a paid intern (from the second week onwards).

<Business contents>
· Tour guide guided tour for foreign visitors to Japan
· Okinawa Resort bytes introduction
· Language Exchange · Group Management
· Introduction of foreign attendants for companies
· English Camp for elementary and junior high school students
There are chances to launch new business as well!

<We are recruiting such people>
I do not care about the undergraduate major

· I want to make a company in the future
· I am interested in services for foreigners visiting Japan
· Students with conspicuous hawkers
· I do not have a dream, but I want to grow a student

· Basic way of manners as a society person
(Business Card Exchange ~ Business Mail and Meeting with Business Partners)
· Experience employment at venture
· Inbound Tourism Business
· Process to shape business idea
– We will help you in how to proceed with job hunting, interview, OB introduction to the extent possible


<Conditions that serve as a guide>
· Continue to take more than 3 hours per day for more than 1 day a week
· The basic place is a share office located in Higashi Umeda, but there are cases such as accompanying a brewery tour in Kobe / Kyoto

If you are interested, please contact the representative · Nishikawa!
Feel free to ask questions, too!


The door is open!
We are waiting for students with honest feelings!
If you step a step to society, you are a professional.
Internally, I will go seriously without being treated as a student, so come on seriously!


English For Osaka
Seigo Nishikawa